Monday, May 30, 2011

1 out of 8 hours

Hey there :) So today have been shit... Mostly anyways... The science test was easy.
BUT! Problem is it was the only constructive thing I had to do at school. 1 Hour out of 8... So I've spent 7 hours sleeping on my desk.

In my "dream world" The school system understands that when a student is done with what he was told to do that day, he is done. So they let him/her go home. In reality that's not the case. Instead, day after day we waste hours on hours at school, doing nothing but making paper planes and chatting.

Now todays scenario: First two hours of the day we had Norwegian. But since we had the science test we could practice instead. Then I spent about 30 minutes doing the test, oh and then what? Two whole hours where I could do nothing. I couldn't go home because I had four hours class after lunch.

 Here comes the real issue... The four last hours, I did nothing. Nothing at all! It's the end of the year, I've learned what should be learnt by now and I get to choose if I want to take some extra tests to improve my grades. I choose to take two out of three. I get these "repetition tasks" which I can work with, at school. Why could I not go home and do them? It should be my choice really. I didn't need my teachers help to do them, I already knew most of the answers and I learn better when reading at home (It's true.)

But the reality not being my dream world, I couldn't go home, and so I decided to do nothing.

Hopefully (if you even bothered to read it all :p ) you know this feeling.

So what are your thoughts in this?
 Do you think students should get to decide how they shall learn and how to spend their time, a little bit more freely?
Do you think students shall be awarded for finishing their work quickly? (if correct)
Do you think it would be unfair for the students that DO NOT BOTHER to finish quickly?
And do you think it would all be unfair to those with handicaps who for any reason could not perform as well as the others?



  1. The travel time to and back from school would be longer than the time spent there. So I stayed at home instead. Nothing lost

  2. Haha, word!
    The bus connections where I live blows...
    1 bus every hour or so. And I have to hop buses twice to get both too and from school.

    Meh... Life was better in kindergarden