Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday (check)

So yesterday... Was kind of boring :p (yet fun) I didn't do much. I ate Dots, did some homework and played Super Smash Brawl.

Oh and I also installed Mount & Blade Warband: With Fire and Sword (capital damn letters!)

It was great :D Only thing I hate with it is
1: Everything is expensive... (I can't say I didn't use some cheats...)
2: Reloading the guns takes FOREVER (Forever being 10 seconds or so...)
3: Using the cheat CTRL + F5 Let's AI take control over your character... I gave it a try and checked my facebook, tried to open the window again, impossiburu... So I ended up quitting, loosing over 500 FULL armored soldiers and 4 Castles... Don't think I will try to play again for some days :p

So that's about it... Didn't do anything special yesterday.
I'm going to take a swim soonish... In an hour or two :D

Byez :3


  1. :3 Super Smash Brawl is super fun :D

  2. :D I love nintendo, I always play as Kirby -3- And dots are delicious :D