Friday, June 3, 2011

Movie day :D

Hello guys´n`girls!
I haven´t had time to blog lately. But now that I got some spare time I´ll try to post daily :D

Today have been great :D I woke up around 11-12 and ate some cereal, went on youtube so on, so on...
Oh! I somewhat stopped to play WoW... But since I am indeed a gamer I could not stop, without starting something else. So I decided to start playing PWI(Perfect World International) or the newer game Forsaken World. What I like most in PWI is the variety of choices and play styles you can have :D

I currently plays as an archer and Untamed (Barbarian). Will most likely post a youtube video when I get to lvl 50ish.

Soooo, I woke up, ate cereal.. blablablah... And then I went to visit my girlfriend! It´s soon 1 year since we got together.
First we watched Kusko, the emperors new groove.
 I looove disney movies :D

After we watched Kusko, I downloaded 28 weeks later (28 days later´s sequel) I love disney movies and Doomsday movies ;D

We just finished watching Atlantis The lost Empire:

So now we shall start watching 28 weeks later, eat some candy and drink soda :D
Nighty lads!
(PS: check out my funny pictures blog :D

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